Join us Thursday February 25th, 5-7pm, for an easy and social art driven event!

We are hosting our first ever Artist Happy Hour, with special guest and current showing artist, Eric Distad! Eric will be sharing his creative ideas behind "Taking Shape: A Polaroid Exhibition from A Garden Not Lost to Us".

The Artist Happy Hour is intended to offer a community space for artists, teachers, business, organizations, basically ANYONE interested in sharing ideas, building connections and working on their art, to socialize and support Casper's growing art scene.

Adult beverages and musical entertainment are welcome and encouraged! And don't forget about our Supply Exchange!! Call or email with questions. We hope to see you all there!!

Artist Statement

The properties of instant film make it the ideal photographic medium for exploration. As a vehicle for an unfolding narrative, instant film photographs are raw, mysterious, and unpredictable. No other form of photography so effectively pulls the artist into the process of illumination and discovery and makes him or her so directly a part of the story. The appearance of instant film photographs can vary, based on temperature, applied pressure, and the age of the film that is used.

“A Garden Not Lost to Us” evolved from a few Polaroid photographs of abandoned structures into a large, sequential narrative.  The film is a perfect counterpart to the contours of this story about loss, the development of insight, and transformation; its beauty derived from the magical interaction between a special chemistry, unpredictable variables, and mysterious possibilities come to life.