Artwork framed well will stay in good condition for a longer period of time. Whether you choose to frame yourself or have Goedicke's custom frame for you, it is good to know the benefits of protecting, preserving and presenting your artwork. 

We encompass an extensive selection of mat boards, mouldings, glass, pre-made frames, as well as 65 years passed down instruction to ensure the highest quality of product. Whatever your framing needs are , we are here to guide you through creating the perfect frame for your loved artwork. 

We encourage future clients to call, email or stop in for job estimates and custom framing consultations. Even if you are not ready to commit, we are here to help guide you through the steps of creating the perfectly framed masterpiece!

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Choosing a frame moulding depends on many factors, including the size, content and personal importance of the piece being framed. Frames have traditionally been made of wood, which is still the most common material, but other materials such as silver, bronze, aluminum and plastics are also available. They come in hundreds of shape, size and texture combinations and we offer 300+ samples for you to choose from. Don't see what like? Let us know what you were looking for and we can bring it in for you.


Mat Board

Mat board enhances artwork, complements interior decor and provides excellent protection to your framed pieces. At Goedicke's, we use acid free mat board that promotes consistent color duration, even when the board is cut. Mat boards that are not acid free consist of wood fibers that have not been treated, which destroy art work faster then anything else. 

Our most popular mat board brand, Crescent RagMat®, is an all natural, cotton rag mat board, and is available in a wide variety of colors, textures, conservation and museum grade.


Picture framing glass or acrylic material, also known as "glazing", is used to physically protect the piece from damaging factors such as heat, humidity, physical damage and UV rays.  Using glazing not only provides an additional layer of protection to the piece, but also extends the life of the framed project by providing protection to the mediums used, ie. paper, pigment, fabrics, etc.  

Our favorte glass is TruVue®, offered in multiple options including Premium Clear, Conservation Clear and Museum.  Custom sizes in acrylic glazing are also available through special orders.

Conservation Clear:

Offers the highest level of UV protection, effectively blocking up to 99% of UV light rays, protecting against fading and helping keep framed pieces brighter, longer.

Premium Clear:

The most popular option and least expensive, blocking up to 45% of UV light, allowing over 90% of light transmission and less then 8% light reflection.

Museum Conservation:

Offers anti-reflection with Conservation Grade UV protection. Best used for art, photographs and important personal pieces, the nearly invisible finish effectively blocks up to 99% of indoor and outdoor UV light rays, keeping framed pieces clearer and brighter for longer.