Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall was born in New Jersey in 1971, reared in Ohio and finished his education in Connecticut at the Propersi Institute of Art. He is an artist used to travel and adapting to different environs. As a successful tattoo artist, he has been fortunate to extend his travel experiences all over the country and the world, painting everywhere he goes.

Dan is an avid plein air painter, which has helped develop a confident style, with an honesty, immediacy and freshness infused into each painting.

Dan has recently relocated to Denver, Co where he has opened a studio gallery & private tattoo space, Atelier 71. Dan is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, an in demand demonstrator and is on this years faculty at the Plein Air Magazine's 6th Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo as a featured demonstrator/ lecturer and field painter.

URBANxRURAL-Americana marks Dan's first major solo exhibition. Many of the works were painted on location or "plein air". Working in this manner the artist is able to absorb and deeply connect to his subjects. The Urban works feature his locally frequented spots in New York City and Denver with a few of his popular motorcycle and hotrod based figurative themes as well. The Rural works feature some of his favorite spots in Casper and his new surroundings approaching the foothills of the Rockies.

Dan was a frequent visitor to Wyoming while residing in New York City, grateful for the escape from city life and finding an unexpected connection to the local landscape. Feeling just as comfortable in the country as the city, he is constantly inspired by the duality of these surroundings and is driven to paint his experiences on both sides of the spectrum. This led him to move to Denver, where he has convenient access to both, while still traveling back to NYC very frequently to paint his old neighborhood streets and beloved Central Park.


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Dan Marshall's                       'Confidence in Watercolor' Workshop


two workshop opportunities:

may 5th & 6th 2017, 9-5pm

$100 for single day, $150 for both days

contact Goedicke's for details/materials list


The course objective is to introduce, strengthen and gain confidence in your painting with watercolor techniques. Learn how to absorb the feeling and interpret street scenes and natural landscapes. Focusing on composition, design, tone, timing and simplification, learn to paint, and not simply "color in" your work. Dan will be working with each student one on one as you paint, so no matter what your skill level, you will receive the guidance that will benefit you personally. During this workshop, Dan will do multiple daily demos explaining his process as he paints and introduce you to the key elements of successful watercolor painting. Covering the fundamentals and a variety of techniques through the demonstrations, one-on-one guidance as you paint, critiques and Q&A's, this constant reinforcement and encouragement will have you painting in watercolor confidently and quickly!

Some drawing skill and watercolor experience suggested but all levels are welcome.



chasing dreams 5"x15"


Longs peek looming5"x15"