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Bobbi Baldwin Workshop: Animals & Equine


ATTN: Models needed, if interested, please contact Goedickes

What will be covered in the class:  This class will cover all the aspects of animal and equine painting including basic bone and muscle structure of canine- equine- and feline, color theory, composition, backgrounds, texture, and the facial structure.  (The amount of information will be determined by the length of the workshop.)  There will be a long lecture and demonstration on the way that eyes, noses, ears, mouths, hair, and skin are to be thought about structurally. I go into great detail about the physiology and teach them to think three-dimensionally.  

The skills participants will gain:  The students will gain great confidence when they are able to hear my lecture, see my demo, and participate in the way that I teach the facial structure by feeling their own faces and the structure of the skull.  I take pleasure in reaching ALL my students through the many various learning techniques.  They will engage a different part of their minds, learning to see three dimensionally, as they paint and produce far better work.  

The activities that the participants will experience:  The participants will have the opportunity to paint their favorite animal during the workshop.  They will have my immediate feedback on the approaches they take to capture the model.  I can individually guide them as well as lead the class through the steps it takes to create a painting.  I will share my 30 plus years of experience in this field.  If this workshop takes place over a long enough period of time where the paintings can dry, I will work with glazing techniques and teach them how to really make gorgeous work by letting the layers refract the light through the pigments encased in the oils. 

Materials List:

COLORS    (These are oil paint colors.  If students want to work in any other medium, they are welcome to.  They will need to find an equivalent of the color written here.)                     

Burnt Umber

Raw Sienna                        

Indian Yellow or Lemon Yellow

Burnt Sienna

Cadmium Yellow Medium                    

Alizarin Crimson Permanent 

Permanent Rose                    

Scarlet Red or Cadmium Red Medium                         

Titanium White

French Ultramarine Blue

Viridian Green


Thick Paper Towels, or Rags    

Odorless Turpentine or Turpenoid (in a jar or metal container)

Galkyd (Gamblin)                    

Palette knife (metal - looks like a trowel)

Palette (paper pallet is best - find the waxy type. Don’t get trays with cups)

Canvases –- 18 x 24”



Various Bristle brushes (ranging from 1/4” to 1”)

Various Sable or synthetic sable flat, firm brushes, Filbert or Flat (ranging from 1/16” to 1/2”)

One Hake or Mop brush (this brush is a long haired soft, fuzzy brush - like a rabbit’s tail -- used to smooth the paint strokes.

One Liner Brush - very thin (1/16” approx.) and long (1” approx.)

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to May 31

Terry Rittenour: Artistic Abstract Adjective Beat Movement





Opening reception will be held Saturday, May 2, 2015 9am-7pm. Artist will be joining the gallery through out the day and giving artist talks at 2pm and 5pm. The show will run throughout the month of May during normal business hours. This show requires time to observe, read and take in so we invite everyone to spend an afternoon with us enjoying a glimpse into Terry's creative and thoughtful mind!!

For more information, check out Scarlow's Gallery.

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Last Saturday Art Appreciation Series

We are SO excited to announce our Art Appreciation Series starting January, 2015.  The last Saturday of every month, our own local and amazinginly talented artist, Maria Wimmer , will host an art appreciation session, focusing on subjects ranging from how to look at art, art history topics, basic art terms, how to collect art and so much more!

The Art Appreciation Series consists of 1 hour, donation based classes, starting at 1pm in Scarlow's Gallery.  A list of class subjects are below. To find out calendar dates for each lecture, go to our EVENTS page and look for the last Saturday of every month! 

About Maria:

Maria Rose was born in Montana and has worked and lived throughout the West. She began formal art training at age 13. In 1999 she attended college at Eastern New Mexico University on the Lorraine Schula Scholarship for Art. Maria Rose later received a BA from the University of Montana and her Master’s Degree in Art History from the University of Denver. She moved to Casper, Wyoming in 2009 and since then her work has been seen locally at the Corridor Gallery, the Goodstein Gallery and The Nicolaysen Art Museum as well as nationally. Maria Rose has work in private collections throughout North America, Europe and Australia including Sydney, Portland, Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles.

January-How to look at art

February-Appreciating modern art

March- Understanding painting     

April- Appreciating abstraction

May- Collecting Art

June- Appreciating non-western art

July- Understanding print making

August- Appreciating Art History Lecture 1: Pre-history through ancient Egypt

September- Appreciating Art History Lecture 2: Greek and Roman art

October- Appreciating Art History Lecture 3: Byzantine art through the early Renaissance

November- Appreciating Art History Lecture 4: High renaissance through Rococo

December- Appreciating Art History Lecture 5: Neoclassicism through contemporary art                                                                           



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10:00 AM10:00

Painting With Acrylic Ink - Instructed By Maria Wimmer

Learn creative techniques for painting with acrylic ink. This vibrant medium is versatile and lends itself to a wide range of creative styles. Join us for 3 hours of instruction with the amazingly talented Maria Wimmer as we enter into the exciting world of painting with acrylic ink!

Class Fee: $20.00

Supplies Needed (Can be purchased from Goedicke's at a 20% discount)

Bee Watercolor Paper

1 Set of Nylon Brushes

FW Acrylic Inks: Red, Yellow, Blue, White & Black

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9:00 AM09:00


Class Price: $30

Materials: $49 (20% off retail!)

Kit Supplied By Goedickes


  • 18x24 Gessoed Masonite
  • Set of 6 Shiva Paintstik's (12 Pack Available in Store)
  • 1 Blender Stick
  • 1 White Cattle Marker

Create the PERFECT and most personal holiday gift for your friends and family!!! Join us for a workshop focusing on technique and the numerous ways oil sticks can be used. For the professional artist, art student or amateur artist, Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors are an effective medium to think out shape, composition and color, without a palette or mixing cup. 

You can actually paint "wet into wet" with a solid oil stick, allowing a feeling of free, spontaneous expression.

Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors can be spread or blended and used in conjunction with conventional oil paints. They are self-sealing, just peel the seal before using. There are no unpleasant odors or fumes, so you can paint virtually anywhere, at any time, on almost any surface - from paper to panel to fabric. In most cases, the paint dries in 24 hours. 

Join us for 4 hours of instruction on Saturday, December 20th, with the amazing Gabby Reeves!  PLEASE BRING 1-3landscape photos of your choice that you will be using as your example to learn from. Throughout the class, Gabby will be teaching techniques and the variety of uses with oilsticks, while guiding you through creating your own amazing piece of art!

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